Energy Management

Real-time Energy Management Solutions

  • Visualise Real-Time Data
  • Scalable From a Single Location to an Entire Campus
  • Universal Connectivity

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What is the ICONICS Energy Management Solution?

ICONICS offer an energy monitoring, analysis and management system (EMS) that delivers rich platform and browser-independent real-time visualisation. Our Energy Management Solution addresses any application from a single building to an entire campus or multi-site enterprise. Create IT firewall-friendly, secure custom energy dashboards and kiosks to view energy reports analysing your energy consumption patterns resource usage and progress on sustainability. Site managers, building engineers or maintenance personnel can quickly and intuitively navigate and discover opportunities for improvement.




One of our core Energy Management Solutions, Energy AnalytiX®, aggregates and records consumption data for long term archiving and continuous analysis and comparison. The rate model configuration tools enable users to enter virtually any rate model that their utility contract defines, so that costs can be automatically derived and recorded for comparison to budgets, past performance and for validation of actual utility bills.

Features and Benefits of ICONICS Energy Monitoring Software

Collect and Aggregate Energy Usage Data

Flexible Totalisation by Site/Building/Tennant/Equipment


Report Templates for Green Buildings

Easily Meet LEED and Energy Star Standards


Microsoft SharePoint Integrated Dashboards

Variety of Charts and Reports for Intuitive Analysis


Our Solutions

SCADA Software Solutions

SCADA Software

ICONICS SCADA Software GENESIS64™ is the most advanced HMI/SCADA solution, and the leader in next generation 64-bit automation visualisation software solutions.

Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings

Monitor and control your buildings energy consumption, whilst detecting equipment faults before they occur



Deliver graphics, dashboards, trends and reports to any device, at anytime.

KPI Dashboards

KPI Dashboards

Create run-time self service KPI dashboards or let us help you build enterprise operational dashboards by aggregating and visualising any data source in real-time

Data Centre Infrastructure Management

Data Centre Infrastructure Management

Monitor and control every aspect of your datacentre: building, cooling and energy management

Cloud and IoT Solution

Cloud and IoT Solution

Leverage the cloud with our dynamic cloud connectors and SaaS pricing model

Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness is a completely customisable environment where companies can visualise data and analyse a variety of existing data sources and systems in a single enterprise system.

Alarm Management

Alarm management

Normalise, enrich and filter events whilst removing consequential alarms

“We are very pleased with the ease of use and wide accessibility that ICONICS software provides. The technical support has also been absolutely outstanding.”

Robert Kelley, Chemistry Supervisor | Ameren

“In selecting ICONICS’ GENESIS32 for our offshore applications, Converteam focused upon OPC connectivity to ensure that this standard would allow on-going flexibility in the choice and development of controllers in the future. Equally important was the capability to develop well tested modular solutions that could be re-deployed according to the project’s particular requirements.”

Gerry Palmer, Converteam Software Section Leader | PC Products & Tools

“This application using GENESIS32 and integrated by Bohemia Instruments created the ability to centrally control our hydro- powered electrical plants, and made production planning and historical data archiving very easy. The new system will reduce the service calls to remote locations, thereby reducing our operating cost.”

Stanislav Cupr, Manager of Water Hydro Operating Controls | E.ON Trend s.r.o.

“ICONICS WebHMI provided a tangible, competitive advantage due to its efficient use of bandwidth. Efficient data transfer was critical as the sites were located in remote areas only accessible via satellite technology.”

Michael Norman, Operations Manager | Wunderlich-Malec Engineering