Situational Awareness for Water Utilities

Driving Intelligent Water and Sewage Management

  • Reduce Incident and Response Times
  • Improve ODIs
  • Drive Labour Efficiencies

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Data Visualisation Through Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness for Water is a completely customisable environment where companies can visualise data and analyse a variety of existing data sources and systems in a single enterprise system. The business value lies in the fact that organisations become hyper ‘aware’ of their assets and thus make smart, business holistic decisions as data sources are no longer in siloes.

Born out of the SCADA and Telemetry world of control, Situational Awareness unites real-time alarms, work orders, customer service requests, GIS, flow rates, weather feeds and much more into one enterprise system. These data sources can vary, and be configured completely based on your requirements. For now, imagine being able to see and control all your asset and business data in one intelligent dashboard.

Whether ‘On Premises’ or in ‘The Cloud’, Situational Awareness is a flexible solution that can scale to your Asset Management Plan (AMP) period objectives, existing infrastructure and future technology roadmap.

The Technology

Situational Awareness is built upon the ICONICS GENESIS64™ platform providing users with a modern, secure, highly configurable data collection, data aggregation and visualisation system. Situational Awareness’ universal data connectivity design is built on industry open standards such as OPC Classic, OPC Unified Architecture, BACnet, SNMP, Modbus, DNP3 and Web Services. Put simply, these open standards allow you and your business to leverage existing systems and connect to any asset or system.

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Commercial Benefits

  • Help Improve your Regulatory Assessments (ODI's)
  • Reduce Incident and Response Times
  • Prioritise Tasks Based on the Financial Implications to Your Company
  • Anticipate and Respond to Live Weather Forecasts
  • Rationalise Disparate Data to Remove Isolated Decision
  • Drive labour Efficiencies and Reduce Operational costs
  • Extend the Life of Your Assets
  • Proactively Inform Your Customer of Potential Service disruptions

Key Features

  • Real Time Visualisation of Current and future Weather Conditions
  • View Data from Multiple Sources in Real time
  • Intelligent Real Time Analysis of Business KPI's
  • Geo-Spatially Map Alarms, Work Orders and Customer Data
  • Feed Incident Data at any Time, anywhere and on any Device
  • Historical Data Analysis of Chosen Assets
  • Identify and Predict Asset Performance Issues Over Time

Scottish Water Case Study

Scottish Water embarked on a partnership with ICONICS that was going to allow them to build a solution that would revolutionise the way in which they could understand business events and ensure effective response arrangements for many years to come.

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City of Enid Case Study

The City of Enid, Oklahoma, located 70 miles north of Oklahoma City, future-proofed their water operations by upgrading to 64-bit technology with GENESIS64™. The city’s water management services include production, distribution and reclamation.

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Hyderabad Case Study

The Hyderabad plant in India worked with Nish Automation to install ICONICS GENESIS64™ HMI/SCADA software to meet new regulations, have real-time OPC tags, Historical Data Access, 2D and 3D graphics and trend charts, flexible reporting and the ability to interface with Microsoft SQL Server.

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