The Digital Backbone to Your Smart Building

The Glue Connecting People, Spaces, Data and Apps for Workplaces of the Future

  • Occupant First-Strategy
  • Interoperability
  • IoT-enabled
  • Digital Twin

Interoperability & Connectivity.

We believe data should be seamlessly, securely and rapidly served up to any authorised user or application within a building or estate, regardless of existing systems or specified vendor. It is ICONICS’ high standard of interoperability, driven by the Internet of Things (IoT), that ultimately enables consultants, building operators and integrators to deliver innovative spaces of the future with our platform.

Using ICONICS’ Platform Services, GENESIS64™ is built on top of universal connectivity allowing users to connect to any data in the system from anywhere.Native implementations for BACnet, OPC, OPC UA, Databases, Web Services, Modbus, IoT Gateways, SNMP, OData, MQTT, AMPQ, REST, JSON and much more allow ICONICS to aggregate or connect almost any data with our extensive firewall-friendly communication methods.

Replacing Point-to-Point with Single 'Socket' Integration

The traditional approach to building system integration is point-to-point integration. Changes to a single system results in multiple interface updates. The IBSS approach avoids this issue by delivering a single, no locked-in, “socket” between each subsystem. Tenants and owners can choose tailored systems and apps for their property estate and occupants, without worrying about a common User Interface (UI), data normalisation or cross-system analytics. This truly can drive innovation through an extensible and flexible software ecosystem.



Leverage the power of the Cloud

to scale your Intelligent Building capability

Microsoft's new Azure Digital Twins service enables ICONICS' Intelligent Building platforms to flexibly scale out from single buildings through to campuses and cities by using the power of the cloud. In addition, by providing a rich set of spatial and connectivity functions, the service provides seamless connectivity of your in-building sub-systems with the Azure Cloud. This provides integrations to many other Microsoft services such as Dynamics 365, Azure Machine Learning and PowerBI.

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