Building Analytics

Detect and prioritise the probable causes of failure within building equipment

  • 300+ Preconfigured Fault Rules
  • Universal Data Connectivity
  • Fault Cost Prioritisation
  • IoT Enabled

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What is Our Building Analytics Software?

Our Building Analytics Software is positioned as an overarching software analytics platform that connects to plant equipment and sensors using open and secure industry standard protocols. ICONICS Facility AnalytiX™ module features an advanced fault rules engine, fully customisable for predictive maintenance and continuous commissioning, advising personnel of preventative actions across facilities management. The software identifies additional fault and alarm intelligence that is conventionally missed within Building Management System’s (BMS), Building Automation System’s (BAS), SCADA, PLC, DAQ and other systems 

When equipment failures occur, our advanced building analytics software technology analyses current and historical information along with symptom/cause relationships that the system has been taught. The software executes probability algorithms, and provides the user guidance with a list of probable causes sorted by probability or cost. This immediate guidance reduces mean time to diagnose and repair, reduces equipment downtime, and lowers overall maintenance costs and energy consumption.

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Intelligent Building Analytics Architecture

Intelligent Buildings Predictive Maintenance SoftwareCustomisable Predictive Maintenance Rules

The unique predictive maintenance fault viewer quickly identifies the most costly faults to reduce downtime and costs to diagnose and repair. With over 300 preconfigured fault rules for the most popular types of Building Automation equipment. Each fault incorporates a rule, associated cost calculations, required points, description, and is completely parameterised to adapt to specific needs.

Customisable parameters and easy-to-understand formula syntax’s allow building managers and engineers to tweak system and equipment parameters to tune up your systems to unparalleled standards. Typically, a minimum of a 10% increase in energy efficiency can be achieved out of the box, with greater potential over time, as the system is further customised to your requirements.

Intelligent Building Analytics DashboardThe Value of Continuous Commissioning via Building Analytics

By connecting to existing BMS systems, users gain an advanced level of intelligence that would conventionally remain hidden, without the expensive need for rip and replacing hardware. Retro-commissioning across building assets and equipment requires extensive engineering time and system knowledge.

Continuous Commissioning on the other hand works by constantly comparing data-streams to construction phase building standards. There is no need for hundreds of manual man hours tuning equipment and searching for issues reported by dissatisfied occupants.

Intelligent Building BMS ReportBMS Data and Reporting
BMS Data Values 

Some of the data-streams coming from the BMS includes control signals (e.g. light on/off), sensor readings (e.g. outside vs inside air temperatures), equipment status (e.g. fan speed, damper open/closed) and energy consumption (e.g. kW used). The Fault Detection and Diagnostics engine queries this base data and flags symptom cause relationships that the system has been taught and then flags and prioritises (by probability) likely causes. 

Cost saving reports are available on predictive maintenance, addressing equipment inefficiencies before they impact the bottom line. The software can automatically write requests to your maintenance work order systems to ensure data-driven insight is actually acted on. 

Examples of Building Analytics on Equipment:

Intelligent Building Lighting Software

Lighting Analytics Use Cases:

- Lights left on after normal working hours
- Light sensors staying on with no person(s) in a room
- Comms failures between lights, sensors or devices
- Power consumption varies considerably from the norm

Intelligent Building Boiler Software

Boiler Analytics Use Cases:

- Boiler is running when it should be shut down
- Hot Water pump not synchronised properly with boiler
- Boiler is cycling on/off too frequently
- Hot water supply temperature is too low/high

Intelligent Building AHU / Chiller Software

AHU + Chiller Analytics Use Cases:

- Compressor cycling on/off too frequently
- Compressor + condenser fans are not interlocked 
- Too many mode switches per hour
- Outside air enthalpy too low for mechanical cooling


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Cost saving reports are available on predictive maintenance, addressing equipment inefficiencies before they impact the bottom line. The software can automatically write requests to your maintenance work order systems to ensure data-driven insight is actually acted upon.

Our Goal is to allow Clients to Save a Minimum of 10-20% in Energy and/or Carbon Consumption by Using 'Smart Technology'

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