BEMS Software

Real-time Building Energy Management Software

  • Visualise Real-Time Data
  • Scalable From a Single Location to an Entire Campus
  • Universal Connectivity

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Intelligent Building Energy Management Software DashboardWhat is the ICONICS Building Energy Management Software (BEMS) Module?

ICONICS offer a Building Energy Management System (BEMS) that delivers rich platform and browser-independent real-time visualisation. Our BEMS software addresses any application from a single building to an entire campus or multi-site enterprise.

Create IT firewall-friendly, secure custom energy dashboards and kiosks to view energy reports analysing your energy consumption patterns resource usage and progress on sustainability. Site managers, building engineers or maintenance personnel can quickly and intuitively navigate and discover opportunities for improvement.

Our energy Management system software is a next generation tool-suite for deploying solutions to monitor, analyse and improve organisational assets such as:
•    Optimising energy Usage of your buildings or equipment
•    Identifying efficiency issues in your production processes
•    Simplifying workflow for your field operatives


Features and Benefits of a Building Energy Management System

  • Define
    Hierarchical asset structure and setup your utility sources, metadata and meters
  • Configure
    Consumption, cost, carbon and custom calculations
  • Visualise
    Results using numerous charts with runtime filtering, all in a simple hierarchical Dashboard 

  • Measure
    Consumption cost and carbon from your equipment

  • Drill Down
    Into the data to quickly identify energy losses with actionable intelligence

  • Identify
    Highlight poorly performing equipment and take action to resolve

  • Event Management
    Distribute alerts via SMS/email to notify the correct personnel of  potential actions required

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Intelligent Building Energy Management IntelligenceA New Layer of Intelligence with BEMS Software

Our BEMS solution collects and aggregates all energy data using open connectivity, and creates actionable intelligence for the user. Use the system to summarise energy usage by geo-location, or forecast future potential energy usage.

A new layer of energy usage intelligence provides users with greater awareness of opportunities for cost saving, and reducing carbon footprint. When paired with ICONICS next generation, Smart Building Analytics Software, bottlenecks can be identified, and predictive maintenance can be incorporated into your Smart Factory, to further reduce costs and down time.




Intelligent Building Energy Management Architecture.pngBuilding Energy Management Systems Architecture

Energy AnalytiX®, is at the core of our BEMs technology; the commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software module aggregates and records consumption data for long term archiving and continuous analysis and comparison.

The rate model configuration tools enable users to enter virtually any rate model that their utility contract defines, so that costs can be automatically derived and recorded for comparison to budgets, past performance and for validation of actual utility bills.


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The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

BIS began a journey with ICONICS that was going to allow them to build a scalable, Azure cloud based solution that would revolutionise the way Central Government would manage their property estate.

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Microsoft Headquarters Case Study

Applying an “Internet of Things meets Big Data” approach, the team created a data-driven software solution based upon ICONICS COTS software that is slashing the cost of operating the campus’ 125 buildings saving Microsoft millions of dollars.

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E.ON Case Study

E.ON embarked on a project with ICONICS, delivered by Cougar Automation Ltd (a certified Gold partner of ICONICS), to allow E.ON to visualise and control its regional Energy Centres in one front-end, 64-bit solution from its brand new central control room in the heart of London.

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