Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

3D Visualisation with Complete Real-time Control of Your Entire Data centre

  • Capacity Management
  • Cooling Management
  • Energy Management

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What is Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM)?

Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is quite a broad term that integrates IT and Facility Management concepts that, in brief, aim to monitor, manage and control data centre utilisation and energy consumption of all data center related equipment. As a software supplier, our goal is to provide users with a holistic view of their data centre’s performance so that floor space, equipment and energy are used as efficiently as possible.

Perf-IT have built a DCIM solution based on ICONICS GENESIS64 software suite.

Building Management

Fully integrate your existing BMS application from any provider and start adding additional analytics and functionality to your system. There's no longer a need to separate displays for fire detection, leak detection, door entrance etc. - integrate all of this data into one central overview.

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Cooling Management

A huge influencer on your datacentre efficiency is the performance of your cooling. If integrated, DCIM combines the information from your cooling and other infrastructure which can be used for manual or automatic optimisation and control. DCIM can be integrated with almost every Cooling Management System. DCIM also offers the possibility to connect directly to remote I/O, industrial control units and protocol drive devices like BACNet, SNMP, Modbus and others.

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Energy Management

Get a clear view of your electrical infrastructure, where power is measured, UPS systems are monitored and all trips are visualised into the system and be sure that all power consumption in invoiced to the right customers.

The EMS information is used for:

  • Asset management
  • Power consumption invoicing
  • Calculating your performance
  • Controlling your capacity on both electrical and cooling. By combining your contract information and comparing it to the actual use and overbooking. Gives you control over your datacenter

And of course all devices regardless brand or type can be connected to DCIM of Perf-IT


Capacity Management

Use your power data and asset-data for real-time capacity calculations. When expanding your datacenter, when will your UPS, EPG or Busbar reach the limit? With capacity monitoring you are able to balance the energy in your datacenter and even postpone future investments.



By creating dashboards you will get a quick look into your datacenter without moving through all kinds of displays, you even may integrate map structures to get an overview of all datacenters all over the country.

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Performance Monitoring, Efficiency and Reporting

The Performance and capacity dashboards of DCMS service as a business intelligence representation of your datacenter infrastructure. Our predefined (GreenGrid based) dashboards provide real-time metrics like PUE, EUE, EER, CUE and WUE.

This helps dataenter operations to:

  • Increase your energy efficiency
  • Reduce your Electrical and Carbon footprint
  • Comply with governmental legislation

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Floorplans, BIM and much more

Make a combination of all the assets that are available in the system and combine them into one single graphic. Any device, regardless its brand or protocol can be connected to DCMS. Some examples are:

  • Power measurements or Power analysers
  • Leak detection
  • UPS
  • CRAC
  • PDU
  • Temperature and humidity sensors
  • Racks (PDU's in the racks on general or outlet level, temperatures and humidity)
  • Access doors

By using several graphical backgrounds you can switch between tiles, simple graphical layout, only walls, doors etc.

If you have autocad, Revit, 3DMax graphics, you can use our 3D visualisation capabilities


Advanced Alarming

Bring all your alarms to one platform, that gives you the flexibility to see alarms and their correlation in one dashboard. Escalate on these alarms and see if people respond in a proper timeframe.


Within a datacenter, all kind of equipment generates alarms. Many of them can escalate their alarms. If you use Perf-IT, your alarms will be centralized and you can perform the alarm escalation from one point. Alarms can be escalated using email, SMS, Pager and Skype. Sms or the Perf-IT mobile solution can be used for remote alarm acknowledgment. Using alarm groups you can:

  • Escalate through users and user groups
  • Set speed of escalation based on priority
  • Use e-mail/sms/pager/telephony
  • Log all the events


The system is capable of suppressing alarms on assets or groups of assets. During maintenance operations the manager can decide to lower the priority of the alarm, to designate the alarms to a maintenance engineer or even disable the alarms completely. Knowing that the alarm will only be disabled during a certain amount of time, without losing alarms for months.

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