Webcast - Wearables and Hands-Free Devices: The Future of Remote Service

In this webcast, you will learn how wearable devices, tablets, and even smart watches offer convenient, innovative ways to manage your plant or access your HMI on the go. Through the use of...

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Webcast - Explore Real Use Cases in Augmented Reality

Augmented reality can help tie your SCADA system into the real world. Through the use of beacons or QR codes, operators and technicians can quickly and easily launch screens or...

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Webcast - Simple, Scriptless SCADA Reduces Engineering Time

Are you tired of having to script everything in your project? Script no more, with ICONICS scriptless solutions. In this webinar we will go over different methods to speed your development...

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Webcast - Digital Twins Drives Digital Transformation

Discover insights into your buildings by leveraging digital twins of your physical assets. In this session we will speak about how ICONICS digital twin technology can help you model,...

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