Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Software

Measure OEE, Reduce Downtime and Increase Profitability

  • Pre-built Calculations
  • Downtime Analytics
  • Production Scheduling

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ICONICS OEE Product Features

ICONICS OEE Solutions empower decision makers at all levels of the enterprise with real-time and accurate information to help them drive global operational efficiency and strengthen competitive market advantage. Gain insight into your operations through real-time data aggregation and connectivity to multiple data sources, presented in an intuitive and intelligent manner. ICONICS OEE solution is driven by our BizViz Productivity Analytics suite, which helps you to establish manufacturing context with KPI's and deliver manufacturing intelligence to your entire operation.

OEE Commercial Benefits

  • Advanced Analytics with Automated Reporting
    Functions with automated reporting. The automatic report generation, real-time intraday and historical status reports allow you to easily perform advanced analytics and what-if scenarios
  • Role-Based Visual Dashboards
    Allow the user to customise individual views based on user roles and groups
  • Preconfigured Templates
    For manufacturing-based processes, allowing you to get up and running quickly with out-of-the-box report templates, drill-down graphics, interactive charts and KPI's
  • Connectivity to Multiple Data Sources
    Including those via SQL, SAP, SNMP, Oracle, ODBC and OLE DB. Aggregating vital process information from multiple applications
  • Powerful Data Mining Tracks Real-Time KPIs
    Track throughput, OEE, utilisation, yield, availability, uptime, cycle time and many more. Receive automated alarms when certain parameters approach the danger zone
  • Informed Decision Making to Increase Production Efficiency
    Identify Improvement opportunities to streamline processes and getting more out of assets. Out of the box reports help schedule preventive maintenance on the equipment that needs it most

OEE Key Features

  • Personalised Dashboards
    Provides just the right information to the appropriate person, enabling a great reduction of downtime
  • Web Interface
    Allows users to design, develop and deploy dashboards, reports, trends and KPI views. Web-based configuration and maintenance leads to faster time to deployment, resulting in lower total cost of ownership
  • Intuitive Navigation System
    Get to where you need to be in three clicks or less. Spend more time addressing real problems
  • Open Architecture
    Integrate KPIs into operator HMI displays or import production schedules and work orders from your business systems. (Integration with other enterprise applications such as HMI, MES and ERP systems.)
  • Configurable KPIs
    KPIs such as OEE, Downtime, Cycle Time and more in visually stunning charts and reports empower users to make informed decisions to increase production efficiency



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