ICONICS IoT Solutions

Software Designed for the Industrial Internet of Things

  • Rich Connectivity to Devices, Sensors + Gateways
  • Securely Publish Data to the Cloud
  • Edge Analytics
  • Remote Configuration
  • Cloud Agnostic

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What is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) sees the world in a smart interconnected kind of way. Its vision is to connect assets, or ‘things’, to a larger system, or network of systems that make up a smart grid. These ‘things’ retain the capability of actuation, control, automation and autonomous operation.


Why Implement IoT?

Suddenly everyone is doing IoT. We believe that adopting technology for the sake of it, without smart objectives, rarely offers business ROI, especially in the industrial world. So what is value of the Internet of Things (IoT) and what philosophy and tools will you need to actually drive disruptive insight?

The Benefits of IoT

1.Improved Service

•Proactive Monitoring
•Remote delivery of software updates
•Remote access and repair

2.Improved Analysis

•Predictive Maintenance
•Remote Identify supplier or manufacturing process issues
•Real-time reporting of product status and usage

3. Competitive Analysis

•Connected IoT products can deliver competitive advantages
•New applications for end-users


The ICONICS IoT Solution Explained



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ICONICS IoT Solution Architecture

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