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SCADA Software Solutions

SCADA Software

ICONICS SCADA Software GENESIS64™ is the most advanced HMI/SCADA solution, and the leader in next generation 64-bit automation visualisation software solutions.

Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings

Monitor and control your buildings energy consumption, whilst detecting equipment faults before they occur



Deliver graphics, dashboards, trends and reports to any device, at anytime.

KPI Dashboards

KPI Dashboards

Create run-time self service KPI dashboards or let us help you build enterprise operational dashboards by aggregating and visualising any data source in real-time

Data Centre Infrastructure Management

Data Centre Infrastructure Management

Monitor and control every aspect of your datacentre: building, cooling and energy management

Cloud and IoT Solution

Cloud and IoT Solution

Leverage the cloud with our dynamic cloud connectors and SaaS pricing model

Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness is a completely customisable environment where companies can visualise data and analyse a variety of existing data sources and systems in a single enterprise system.

Alarm Management

Alarm management

Normalise, enrich and filter events whilst removing consequential alarms

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BIS’ ultimate aim of creating a comprehensive data solution to manage all aspects of property asset management has been achieved through working in partnership with ICONICS. Whatever the request ‘no’ or ‘we can’t do that’ does not appear to be words in their vocabulary; the project team regularly go above and beyond to consistently exceed expectations in tight time frames.

Roger Taylor, Property Director | Department for Business, Innovation & Skills

“Cully Automation Ltd. chose ICONICS’ AnalytiX solution firstly because of the working relationship and support which ICONICS has given us in the past, and secondly because we think ICONICS now has the software tools at their disposal with GENESIS64 and AnalytiX to deliver the complete countywide SCADA, Leakage and Energy Management solution to our customer.”

David Cully, Project Manager | Cully Automation

The tools that ICONICS has to offer allow us to automate the monitoring of the performance and efficiency of our sites and identify areas of concern that can be targeted to eliminate waste and improve both our environmental and commercial performance.

Andrew Dann Asset Integrity Engineer | E.ON

Give me a little data and I'll tell you a little. Give me a lot of data and I'll save the World

Darrell Smith Director of Facilities and Energy | Microsoft